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Autonomy and Ethics



Our reliance on autonomous machines is growing exponentially.

The problem is, machines do not have empathy or a moral compass to help guide their behavior.


The Problem

Unintended Consequences



The actions taken by autonomous agents cause a ripple of effects around them, triggering a complex chain of processes.

These intricate interactions can form more complex behaviors as a collective, leading to emergence of properties that may be unpredictable and unprecedented.

When left unchecked, it can culminate into an unbounded chain reaction and create a catastrophic outcome.

An unbounded nuclear chain reaction

An unbounded nuclear chain reaction


The Solution

Adaptive Hive Mind



We are creating distributed state machines to link together awareness belonging to each intelligent agent, streamlining the flow of actionable data, providing real-time transparency and maximizing collaboration.

By organizing autonomous actors into a hive mind, we empower a higher-order cognitive supervisor to continuously analyze cause-and-effect within the system-of-systems, enforcing bounded behavior, reducing risk and creating assured outcomes.



Autonomic Runtime Verification Integrated Service



We bring together collective advancements in adaptive technology to regulate emergent behavior of autonomous systems and ensure mission success.



It self-protects the data sharing process by intelligently routing actionable data on a need-to-know basis, enforcing data integrity on a per-message basis.



It self-optimizes the network topology to an architecture centered around named information, enabling parallel processing of actionable data.



It self-organizes to form a dynamic neural network, continuously adapting to autonomous actors as they join and leave the network.

We are working side by side with visionary companies to empower trust and assurance in mission critical systems.







Today, a significant amount of manpower is spent capturing, analyzing, and extracting actionable intelligence from the myriad of data sources around us. Improving the quality and timeliness of actionable intelligence empowers us with tactical advantage over our adversaries. However, the over-reliance on human actors for directing the flow of information curtails the efficacy of comprehensive situational awareness. 

Corenova's adaptive hive mind architecture allows mission operators to build on their "collective intelligence" across multiple domains to accelerate the operational tempo across deployed assets in the field.  


Decades old technology regulates nearly all roadway intersections across the world despite tremendous advances in technology. With the accelerating influx of Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles entering our roads, transportation authorities are hard-pressed to leverage the emerging opportunities for optimizing our roadways for efficiency and safety.

Corenova's innovative mission assurance platform empowers traffic operators with real-time awareness of the unfolding situation on-the-ground, quickly optimizing traffic congestion and ensuring public safety.



Attaining remarkable growth was indeed a tremendous achievement for Corenova, thereby, it is a pleasure to honor it by naming it in the list of Top 10 SDN Solution Providers 2016.
— Lena Headey, Managing Editor of Enterprise Networking
As a lead sponsor for OPNFV Project Promise, DOCOMO required future resource reservation capability within OpenStack-based virtualized networking environments. I confirm Corenova provided key integration automation features leading to a successful service integration into the OPNFV platform.
— Kazuaki Obana, Board Member of OPNFV, NTT DOCOMO


Our Vision

We believe that autonomous machines will fundamentally transform how we collaborate together to solve world-wide problems. This emerging technology will require new models of trust and transparency that promote understanding and assurance.

We want to empower the people and organizations operating mission critical systems to help ensure their continued success.

About Us

Corenova Technologies

We are a venture-backed startup founded in 2016 and based in Santa Monica, California.

We are providing runtime assurance tools to describe and govern behavior of highly complex autonomous systems.