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Software has evolved. So can your enterprise.



Automation is the basis of business agility. It drives our daily transactions and keeps our business operational. We spend vast amounts of time and resources supporting and maintaining the software powering our automation, when what we truly want is innovation.

In an increasingly interconnected world, where the number of connected devices have exceeded the global population, we must automate the operational complexities that hamper our interactions. And we should automate the infrastructure that integrates these communications.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning present new approaches for dealing with such complexity by enabling software to solve problems on their own.

However, enabling applications to seamlessly exchange data between each other remains a highly labor-intensive development challenge.  Developers often spend 50% to 90% of their time ensuring that their applications connect appropriately with other applications.  It is time consuming and error prone.  And keeping up with changing APIs have cascading impact across the entire software organization.  And with millions of new devices getting connected every day, this challenge continues to skyrocket.

We are here to eliminate the hidden cost of delivering connected applications, so you can accelerate your development operations.



Adaptive Software with Intelligence



Software requires designers, architects, developers, testers and operators in order to thrive. To automate across applications and services, you depend on the people across the end-to-end spectrum to collaborate effectively and adapt their respective software accordingly. Corenova transforms the essence of software to become self-aware and adaptive to its environment so that it can manage itself without direct human intervention.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
— Stephen Hawking

We work together with software-driven organizations to help unlock the dormant adaptive facilities of their applications and services. By leveraging our innovative AI-driven software tools, we enable enterprises to tap into new transformative software methodologies that streamline the analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance workflows.

  • Self-configuration
  • Self-healing

  • Self-optimization

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-creation
  • Self-description
  • Self-learning
  • Self-protection
  • Self-regulation


Attaining remarkable growth was indeed a tremendous achievement for Corenova, thereby, it is a pleasure to honor it by naming it in the list of Top 10 SDN Solution Providers 2016.
— Lena Headey, Managing Editor of Enterprise Networking
As a lead sponsor for OPNFV Project Promise, DOCOMO required future resource reservation capability within OpenStack-based virtualized networking environments. I confirm Corenova provided key integration automation features leading to a successful service integration into the OPNFV platform.
— Kazuaki Obana, Board Member of OPNFV, NTT DOCOMO



Our mission is to fundamentally accelerate innovation by applying Artificial Intelligence to automate and streamline the integration and maintenance of the connected application.


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Long before Corenova came to existence, its founders have pioneered communications, the networks that connect them together, and the management of those networks with the goal of providing rapid service introduction while reducing operational expenses to the users.