Transforming Autonomous Collaboration


Build systems that grow stronger by collaborating on their own.


Command and Control



The system architectures of today are predominantly control-driven.

The problem is, while it may simplify implementing procedural operations, such systems are brittle in dealing with unexpected errors and/or breaking changes.


The Problem

Unintended Consequences



Despite our best efforts to define, analyze, and test our systems to eliminate defects, we invariably fail to sufficiently control all the possible ways it can go wrong.

The problems are compounded when our systems depend on interactions with other systems outside our direct control. Even our seemingly direct interactions often cause a ripple of effects around them, triggering a complex chain of execution spanning multiple systems.

And these systems are evolving and changing over time, leaving the overall network of dependencies vulnerable to unanticipated cascading failures.

In turn, we spend the majority of our time and money continuously integrating and fixing the very same integrations, over and over again.


The Solution

Personify. Learn. Adapt.



We are creating synthetic personas that emulates biological adaptation mechanisms.  

We personify each system with autonomy to independently observe and respond to the flow of actionable intelligence from the environment without requiring any control invocation from another system.

And we compose them together into a self-organizing neural network. 

The network dynamically adapts to the participating system personas and facilitates the flow of information across systems on a need-to-know basis.  It continuously analyzes the cause-and-effect within the system-of-systems, enforcing bounded behavior, reducing risk and creating assured outcomes.


Meet Kinetic OS

AI + Blockchain + Mixed Reality



We bring together collective advancements in cognitive computing technologies to provably constrain the system-of-systems to a set of allowable, predictable, and recoverable behaviors while dynamically adapting to degraded and adverse operational conditions.



It self-protects the data sharing process by intelligently routing actionable data on a need-to-know basis, enforcing data integrity on a per-message basis.



It self-optimizes the network topology to an architecture centered around named information, enabling parallel processing of actionable data.



It self-organizes to form a dynamic neural network, continuously adapting to autonomous actors as they join and leave the network.

We are working side by side with visionary companies to Empower Collaborative Autonomy in mission critical systems.







Today, a significant amount of manpower is spent capturing, analyzing, and extracting actionable intelligence from the myriad of data sources around us. Improving the quality and timeliness of actionable intelligence empowers us with tactical advantage over our adversaries. However, the over-reliance on human actors for directing the flow of information curtails the efficacy of comprehensive situational awareness. 

Corenova's collaborative autonomy platform enables mission operators to build on the collective intelligence across multiple domains to accelerate the operational tempo across deployed assets in the field.  


Decades old technology regulates nearly all roadway intersections across the world despite tremendous advances in technology. With the accelerating influx of Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles entering our roads, transportation authorities are hard-pressed to leverage the emerging opportunities for optimizing our roadways for efficiency and safety.

Corenova's innovative collaborative autonomy solution  empowers traffic operators with real-time regulation of the unfolding situation on-the-ground, dynamically optimizing traffic congestion and ensuring public safety.



Attaining remarkable growth was indeed a tremendous achievement for Corenova, thereby, it is a pleasure to honor it by naming it in the list of Top 10 SDN Solution Providers 2016.
— Lena Headey, Managing Editor of Enterprise Networking
As a lead sponsor for OPNFV Project Promise, DOCOMO required future resource reservation capability within OpenStack-based virtualized networking environments. I confirm Corenova provided key integration automation features leading to a successful service integration into the OPNFV platform.
— Kazuaki Obana, Board Member of OPNFV, NTT DOCOMO


Our Vision

We believe that increasingly autonomous systems will fundamentally transform how we collaborate together to solve real-world problems. 

We seek to empower the people and organizations building and operating mission critical systems with innovative solutions that maximizes resiliency and minimizes direct human intervention.

About Us

Corenova Technologies

We are a venture-backed startup founded in 2016 and based in Los Angeles, California.

Our team of industry veterans brings together decades of massively distributed networking and computing expertise to advance information system assurance technologies that promote trust and transparency.